Repetition and Skill Development

To ALL Parents and Team Members,

The development of our children’s skill levels through repetition and regular practice is an important part of ‘How they Learn’. In previous newsletter’s we have written about ‘Efficient Aquatic Education’ and repetition of skills is a big part of this. 

Here are some dot points outlining the importance of Repetition in Skill Development and why you see your children regularly practicing skills within our swimming classes:

Repetition ensures that the foundations stay strong and allows instructors to fix any minor issues that a swimmer may have with that skill. This ensures it remains correct and does not affect the teaching of the new skill.

When swimmers learn a new skill it develops slowly and mechanically at first. As the swimmers conscious mind controls the new action, gradually the subconscious learns the new movement. This can only occur through repetition of the new action. 

Repetition creates an intense familiarity with swimming techniques. This is crucial to ensure the technique or skill can be used comfortably by the child when required, particularly in a survival situation. 

Repetition helps establish consistency and routine, two things that are extremely important in the learning process. A regular routine will make learning new skills less stressful for children. 

At State Swim all of our classes start with skills learnt in the previous class. Why? This creates a positive environment for the child and instills confidence in them that they are able to demonstrate this skill to the instructor before moving onto the new and more challenging skill. 

By continuing to teach children by repeating previously learnt skills while introducing hard and more advanced skills we keep your children challenged while comfortable enough to try the harder and more advanced skills. 

Please feel free to speak with our on-deck supervisors or school Operations Manager at your State Swim School should you have any questions.

Thank you for reading, see you next month. 

Ben Robertson
Area Manager and Business Partner Melbourne