The Role Of The Supervisor

To ALL Parents and Team Members

In our previous newsletters we have provided some insight into the Philosophies of why we deliver our program the way we do. This month I thought it would be beneficial in providing information on “The Role of the Supervisor.” 

The Supervisor is the person on the pool deck during lesson times who ‘runs’ the program. They are vitally important to our programs operation and their roles include:

Managing the ‘Pool Deck’

Mentoring and Developing Instructor Skills

Provide feedback to parents on their child’s progress

Introduce new and returning customers to the State Swim Program

Liaise between Instructors and parents

Final assessments and award certificates as required

Discuss with parents the State Swim Program and our Philosophies

As you can see, their role is quite varied and covers many important areas. Our supervisors are team members with great knowledge and understanding on how our children learn and need to be excellent communicators to help develop the rest of our team as well as being able to interact well with our customers, both parents and children.

Our supervisors are available for advice and I encourage all supervisors to speak with as many children and parents as they can in each session.

Please feel free to speak with your session’s supervisor as often as you wish, be it to see how your child is progressing or just to say ‘Hello”. Remember, our swimmers are constantly being assessed by our instructors within their classes and be assured that as soon as we feel they are ready for the next step, our lesson supervisor will advise you, in the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

I hope this information has been helpful, see you next month.

Christian Urry
Managing Director