Dear State Swim families,

We want to inform all families that State Swim Suntec City is continuing to follow all recommendations from the Ministry of Health (MOH) regarding the Coronavirus.

State Swim will continue to check everyone’s temperatures before they are allowed to enter the centre. We advise all parent(s) / guardians to take precautionary measures and take their temperature at home before coming to State Swim. If you or your child(ren) have a temperature of 38 C and above, please cancel out of swimming, and we will issue you with a make-up. We will also look out for other flu-like symptoms such as a cough and runny nose if these symptoms appear will suggest to the parent(s) and student to see a doctor.

As recommended by the Ministry of Education, it’s essential to allow the students the chance to maintain a healthy outdoor lifestyle and continue with their usual learning routine.

We urge all customers to remain vigilant and to adopt good personal hygiene practices and adhere to health and travel advisories issued by the relevant authorities.

Thank you and stay healthy.

State Swim