400 Gold Program - Children's Swimming Lessons

The 400 Gold program by State Swim is an 8-stage children's swimming lessons program suited to kids from the age 4. Catering for beginners in our Glides class right through to the more experienced swimmer in our 400 Gold class, the program will guide your child step-by-step through the skills needed to learn to swim and be a competent swimmer (or to progress into our Teams program, if they choose).

Graduates of our 400 Gold kids swimming classes will be able to demonstrate competence in all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) and swim 400m of freestyle non-stop, with correct breathing and technique.

Once these skills are achieved, your child will then be awarded the State Swim 400 Gold certificate - our most prestigious certificate, which signifies the holder as being a strong, safe and competent swimmer. Being awarded this certificate also qualifies your child for entry into the Stat Swim Teams program - our version of a squad training program - which offers three advanced-level classes for further progression.

To find out more about our State Swim 400 Gold program, please contact us.