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State Swim's Advanced Swimming Programs

When your child has achieved their 400 Gold certificate, we believe you as a parent have done your job! Your son or daughter can be considered to be a stronger, safer swimmer, a skill that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Swimming is recognised by physical educationalists as one of - if not the - best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and flexibility, and maintain a healthy body weight.

After your child has achieved their 400 Gold certificate, you might be thinking, "what next?" Did you know that State Swim have THREE further levels of swimming lessons in its Health and Sport Program, dedicated to helping your child reach their fullest potential in the water?

State Swim's Health and Sport swimming lessons program consists of the Team Bronze, Team Silver and Team Gold levels. Team Bronze provides an introduction to basic training techniques, while the Team Silver and Team Gold swimming lessons build upon these foundations to challenge your child to be the best swimmer they can be.

To find out more about our State Swim Health and Sport program, please contact us.