Advantages of the SWIMVAC Program

SWIMVAC is State Swim's very popular and effective school holiday swimming lesson program, which compliments our 400 Gold and Health and Sport team training programs. Swimmers are booked into consecutive lessons over the duration of the program.

Parents choose State Swim SWIMVAC school holiday swimming lessons for their children because we offer these advantages:

1. Intensive learning

SWIMVAC is especially helpful for new swimmers or those trying to master a skill and pass a level.

2. Consecutive lessons

This provides swimmers with plenty of repetition, which is very important when your child is learning to swim.

3. Make up sessions

Participating in our SWIMVAC school holiday swimming classes is a great opportunity for our regular swimmers to use any "make up" lessons they may accrue during the school term.

4. Small class size

Our program limits swim class sizes to ensure your child receives hands-on instruction. This helps set your child up with a great skill base and ensures they get the most out of their swimming lessons.

5. State-of-the-art facilities

State Swim Suntec City ensure's the exclusive use of the pool for swim lessons. This means no other activities occur in the pool at the time of your child's swimming lessons, which limits distraction and enhances your child's learning opportunities.

Enrolling in one of our SWIMVAC programs is a great introduction to the State Swim Program. Following on from the SWIMVAC program, we encourage your child to swim at least once per week in either our 400 Gold and Health and Sport team training programs. This will ensure your child continues growing into a strong, safe and confident swimmer with skills they will have for life.