Kindergarten Programs

Recommended age 2.5 years

Max 4 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

The Kindergarten swimming class is a fun, deep water survival skills class for children aged 2.5 years to 4 years. These classes provide swimmers with the skills to become strong, safe and confident in the water. Lessons are provided in a nurturing, patient and fun environment, through small class sizes (maximum of 4) and an engaging program. If your child is younger than 2.5 years, be sure to have a look at our Waterbabies water familiarisation program.

There are two levels within the Kindergarten program:

Kindergarten 1

Swimming lessons focus on moving through the water using a specially-developed under-arm stroke. The aim of this swim class is for our swimmers to feel relaxed and happy in the water. Other skills taught in this class include blowing bubbles, submerging and floating. Merit awards and certificates are awarded on the completion of skills, and once certain skills are achieved, the swimmer can move into our Kindergarten 2 class.

Kindergarten 2

Swimmers continue with our specially-developed under-arm stroke, which is the precursor to a full freestyle stroke in our 400 Gold program. However, in these lessons we build on the skills learnt in the previous level. Your child will be encouraged to have their face in the water more frequently, begin to swim greater distances without their floaties and start to develop the all-important "torpedo" skill. 

Being a part of our Swim and Play programs is an excellent way to teach young children the skills required to become strong, safe and confident in or around water. However, it is still necessary for parents to be vigilant with their children when they are in or around water, including in backyard swimming pools, at the beach or during other water-based activities.


  • Deep water survival skills and skill development
  • Introduction of underarm Freestyle motion
  • Introduced to floating and submerging skills