Your Child is Constantly Being Assessed

16 October 2015

Back to school for term 4 and the weather is certainly warming up!! One of the crucial roles of our on deck supervisors is to provide feedback to parents about their child’s progress. 

Regular and up to date feedback is important and allows parents to be a part of their child’s progression through the levels, and we are always happy to provide this for our customers.

We pride ourselves on offering a program that has been specifically designed so that your child is constantly being assessed, unlike other programs where children only get assessed at the conclusion of the term. Your child’s Instructor is responsible for assessing your child. A series of skills are introduced in each level, which need to be developed and mastered. As your child achieves these skills, the next, more demanding skill is introduced.

For example, in teaching Freestyle the skill development is:

  • Glide with correct breathing
  • Torpedo kicking
  • Torpedo with arms
  • Single arm Freestyle; and then
  • Double arm Freestyle

We want your children to love swimming, and it is our job to keep them interested. Our program is designed in a logical and sequential order allowing swimmers to be constantly developed, assessed and challenged. A child will be moved to the next level when they have developed the skills required and are ready to take on the more demanding skills of the next level.

The on deck supervisors are responsible for providing regular feedback to parents about their child’s progress and will also discuss:

  • The structure of the State Swim program and its advantages.
  • The methodology behind why skills are taught a certain way.
  • Why sometimes you see your child challenged with a new skill and then taken back a step, and
  • Why it is important to take short breaks rather than long ones.

These points, along with many others, are important when talking about our children’s progress. We want our parents to have a great understanding of why we teach the way we do, and what makes the State Swim System so unique.

 We look forward to developing your child’s skills further this summer to help them enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives.

 Thanks for reading, see you next month.

Christian Urry
Managing Director

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