The State Swim 400 Gold Program

21 September 2015

Our team meets regularly to discuss the philosophies of State Swim, to ensure that our values and principles are both known and embraced across the team. This is important as our philosophies form the backbone of our business.

In our discussions the phrases ‘Logical Introduction of skills’ and ‘Efficient Learning’ regularly came up, which I was pleased with as these are the foundations of our teaching principles.

The State Swim system is made up of logical steps, and the 400 Gold program relies on these steps being taught effectively to ensure the ‘Efficient Learning’ of our children.

 You will notice that each class level consists of a number of skills, the first skills we teach are revision skills from the previous class, designed to start the class on a positive note, that is attempting a familiar skill which gives the swimmer confidence and then a willingness to try new skills. Each skill progression is a logical step towards improving the current skill and being ready to try the next, more challenging skill.

By ensuring that these skills are presented and taught in a logical way, we ensure that our children are learning at an ‘Efficient Rate’. Learning Efficiencies are important, we can teach a child to swim 20 metres of freestyle quite quickly, but they will not be able to swim further than 20 metres unless all of the foundation skills are solid.

With the State Swim goal being that all children should be able to swim 400 metres of freestyle before they leave primary school, being able to swim 20 metres is not good enough, and it takes efficient learning to achieve this goal.

Our new school at Kwinana has recently opened and upon speaking with a number of parents who are new to our program, the common feedback is that their children have learnt more in a short period in the State Swim program than they had in over 12 months at the local pool.

This happens through ‘Logical Introduction of Skills’ creating ‘Efficient Learning’

We look forward to developing your child’s skills further this summer to help them enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for reading, see you next month.

Christian Urry
Managing Director

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