Why Have a Regular Swimming Lesson?

15 January 2016

We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and that your children have been enjoying their school holidays, the warm weather and all the opportunities to spend time in and around the water.

We also hope that your children have been enjoying our SWIMVAC program, are seeing improvement in their stroke development and have reached any personal goals they have set themselves.

The intense nature of the SWIMVAC program is great to kick start a child’s aquatic education or to help children who may be struggling with a particular skill. However, all this hard work will be lost if at the end of the program they stop lessons altogether. Although they will still continue to swim recreationally, we as parents know, often this includes a lot of swimming under the water, jumping, diving and generally having fun, which is important but will not help them maintain and improve on the skills they have learnt. If they wait until in-term lessons at school or SWIMVAC in the next school holidays, they will more than likely be at the same level or possibly take a step back, as they have not done any formal swimming lessons.

This is why at State Swim we recommend that children have a weekly swimming lesson. This enables continuity of their learning. You will see that they will maintain the skills they have learnt through revision, which is an important part of our program, while at the same time working on new and more challenging skills.

A regular swimming lesson will provide children with great health benefits. You and your child will see the results of swimming once a week, with progression and achievements being recognised and encouraged through certificates and merit awards. If swimmers are seeing results then they will want to continue with lessons. However, there will be times when a break is needed, so we encourage small breaks throughout the year rather than taking off large periods at a time.

With only a couple of weeks remaining of the school holidays and before tackling the busy job of getting children ready to return to school, if you have not already done so contact your nearest State Swim school today to make a booking.

Also remember we have an ongoing referral program. You receive a free lesson every time you refer someone plus the person you referred also receives a free lesson.

So get your friends together and enrol today. You and your child will see the benefits of a regular swimming lesson. 

Thank you for reading. 

Kind Regards,

Christian Urry

Managing Director

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