Learning to Swim Well is an Asset For Life!

16 June 2016

Summer is here with a vengeance and I hope you and your families have found a cool place to be. Now that the holidays are over and things are settling back into normality it is good to see everyone returning to a routine. 2015 is looking to be a busy year for the State Swim Team, with our new Kwinana centre opening in May along with a few others on the drawing board.

Throughout this year I would like to communicate with our families and team members on a regular basis to talk about our Aquatic Education Program and discuss our philosophies on the importance of learning to swim. In addition to this we would love to hear your feedback on our program, what we do well, what you feel we need to improve on and how we can provide the best customer experience possible.

Our Supervisory Team (On Pool Deck during lessons) and Customer Service Team (At Reception) are always available for you should you have any queries regarding the program or to provide us with any feedback, in addition our on site management teams will be spending more time on the pool deck and will be talking one on one with our parents by way of introduction and will be pleased to assist with any queries that you have.

To create a strong, safe and confident swimmer takes time, it is not a matter of having a few lessons in summer, learning to swim needs to become a part of every Australian child’s long-term education. Unfortunately many children stop having formal swimming lessons before they have developed the skills well enough to stay with them for life.

I recently watched my two children swimming over the Christmas break at the beach, my eldest, 13, completed the State Swim 400 Gold Program and spent some time in teams, she demonstrated that she was a very strong swimmer and I felt confident that she was safe in the water. My youngest, 10, stopped swimming in 100 Bronze about 18 months ago due to other interests. I was astounded by how much his swimming skills had regressed and I felt he was unsafe, even though he had completed swimming lessons with his school over this time, it was not enough. He will be back into the 400 Gold Program very soon!!

This showed me how important it is that children complete formal lesson programs to ensure the longevity of their swimming skills. I want my children to enjoy the water for their entire lives, not only when they are young.

My point here is that it is important that children continue their aquatic education until they are strong and competent.  Our philosophy is that all children should be able to swim 400 metres of freestyle in good style before considering stopping formal lessons. If they do this, the skills will remain with them for life.

The State Swim 400 Gold Program has been designed to specifically achieve this, once a swimmer has graduated from the 400 Gold Program, they can be considered a strong, safe and confident swimmer, ready to take on the aquatic world for the rest of their life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and I look forward to providing you with more information on aquatic education on a monthly basis.

Kind Regards

Christian Urry

Managing Director



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