The Importance of Learning to Swim

09 May 2016

At State Swim we know how important it is for children of all ages and abilities to learn to swim, and it is our goal that every Australian child should be able to swim 400 metre of Freestyle non-stop by the time they leave primary school.

The importance of children learning to swim has been in the headlines this week with both sides of government pledging to make learning to swim a priority, with all children having access to swimming lessons under a national water safety plan. Opposition leader Bill Shorten stated, “Labor will make sure that every Aussie kid gets the chance to learn how to swim."

We commend both sides of politics for recognising the importance of all children learning to swim. The more access children have to swimming lessons the stronger, safer and more confident they become in the water.

This is also a good reminder that although Government Programs are of benefit in Aquatic Education, it is our responsibility as parents to educate our own children in this important skill. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our State Swim Families for making learning to swim for their children a priority. Learning to swim is your child’s best survival skill and your investment in their swimming lessons is giving them an “asset for life.”

At State Swim we have been providing aquatic education to young Australians for over 40 years and our unique learn to swim program has three different stages catering for children of all ages and abilities. The success we experience in teaching children to swim comes from our experience and by offering a program, which runs all year round. This continuity of learning allows children to steadily progress through the levels and master and refine skills making them stronger and safer in the water.

Thanks again for choosing State Swim as your preferred Aquatic Education Provider.

Kind Regards, 

Christian Urry

Managing Director

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