Kick Start Swimming Program

31 August 2017

Glides is a very important class as the skills taught in this class such as immersion skills and basic freestyle and backstroke kicking form the building blocks for the skills taught in the classes which follow. It is crucial that we get your child to feel happy and confident in the water and attempting these skills so that we can get them steadily moving through our program.

In order to fast track this phase we are offer the Kick Start program. Children will receive 2 lessons per week for the regular monthly price.

The “Kick Start Program” is not compulsory but highly recommended. We encourage when you book your second lesson with a different instructor as we have found that it is best for children to get use to swimming with different instructors. Our program remains the same regardless of who the child’s instructor is. However, the personality of an instructor or the way they may explain something can make all the difference to a child mastering a particular skill. It may just ‘click’ for them when it is delivered differently. We understand that children are sometimes unable to make their lesson. Make up lessons are available on your first booking.

We are confident that by taking part in the “Kick Start Program” your “Glide” swimmer will settle more quickly into the aquatic environment, and you will see the educational benefits of intensive learning, as your child has the opportunity to practice these skills. The boost to their confidence at this early stage of their aquatic education cannot be underestimated as it sets the tone for their progression through our program.

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