Floaties in The Kindy Class

08 February 2018

Our popular Kindergarten program provides swimming lessons for children from the age of 2 ½ to 4 years of age. Our lessons are delivered to children in a nurturing, patient and fun environment. We do this through offering small class sizes (max of 4) and a program designed to still be engaging whilst teaching deep-water survival skills and skills development..

You will notice that when your child has lessons in the Kindergarten class that they will all be given “arm floats” to wear. We are often asked why do we use “arm floats” instead of other forms of floaties? And why does my child need to wear floaties when they can swim without them?

We choose to use “arm floats” for our Kindergarten swimmers because they allow for maximum amount of body movement for the swimmer. Some other floatation devices such as ones placed around their middle or on their backs can limit movement and make the swimmer unbalanced in the water. Also, “arm floats” provide the added benefit of being able to let out as little or as much air from the device as the swimmer requires. For example, when your child firsts starts they may need the full amount of air in their floaties. However, as they become stronger the air can be removed from the floaties, and this can also be done often without the child realising they have less air in them.

When children become stronger and more confident in the Kindergarten class parents want to know why they need to be wearing floaties at all. They will obviously be spending more time with their floaties removed or with little air in them. However, there are times when the swimmers will be holding on to the bar and waiting for their turn, and for safety reasons it is important for them to have their floaties on in case they let go of the bar or after they have done a swim without floaties they are often tired so it is important that whilst they are resting they have their floaties on.

Our dedicated instructors and supervising staff are always happy to help with any questions you have about the use of floaties or the Kindergarten class.

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