Team Swimming - Get Involved

10 May 2018

Swimming is recognised by physical educationalists as one of, if not THE BEST way to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, weight loss and flexibility.

If your child has developed a love of the water during their swimming lessons, likes to be fit and wants to experience squad training, then we ask you to consider some time in our Health and Sport program.

We have three levels in our Health and Sport program for swimmers to progress through.

  1. Team Bronze is an introduction to training techniques, in combination with stroke development
  2. Team Silver works on intermediate training techniques and swimming for health and fitness, and
  3. Team Gold teaches advanced training techniques.

Swimmers in our ‘Health and Sport’ program are also encouraged to challenge their own personal best times at our regular monthly Super Swims.

All three levels also have the option of getting involved in Interschool competitions. Interschool Carnivals are held to encourage swimmers to participate in a team environment, swimming against other State Swim Schools. Our popular Interschool Carnivals are held twice a year and are the highlight for swimmers in our 'Health and Sport' Program.

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