Why is Our Glides Class so Important?

10 May 2018

Glides is the first class of eight classes in the State Swim 400 Gold, Learn to Swim program. This is an exciting time for young children as they have either completed our Swim and Play program (Infant and Toddler Aquatic Program) and are entering into our 400 Gold - learn to swim program, or they are having their first swimming lesson in Glides at State Swim.

The Glides class is fundamental because it is often the first time children have had a swimming lesson or have entered the water without a parent. The first step in this class is to build trust and confidence.

Glides is also a very important class as the skills taught in this class such as immersion skills and basic freestyle and backstroke kicking form the building blocks for the skills taught in the classes which follow.

It is crucial that we get your child to feel happy and confident in the water and attempting these fundamental skills so that we can get them steadily moving through our classes.

In Glides, swimmers will be spending a lot more time in a horizontal position with their face in the water, and this may require some time for them to get used to. As parents, you can help your child with this transition. You don’t need a pool at home.

Here are some suggestions to help your child:

  • With your child wearing their goggles get them to practice putting their face in the water in the bath. You can encourage them to do this by placing objects in the water they can look for, or even counting aloud and seeing how long they can keep their face in the water. Children love the challenge and they will want to try and beat their time!!
  • Teach your child to blow soft bubbles in the water using a straw and then get them to practice those soft bubbles with their face in the water without the straw.
  • In the bath, you can also get your child to practice floating on their back with their ears in the water. You can use your hand to support the back of their neck if they are anxious. Also, while on their back get them to practice kicking. They need to have small, fast kicks with only their toes breaking the surface, not their knees.
  • Your child can practice their freestyle kick by lying on a bed or across a chair. They need to keep their legs relaxed and have nice loose ankles.

Encourage your child slowly. As your child becomes more confident you will find that he/she will happily attempt these activities. Be patient and always be positive with your child’s efforts.

Our on deck supervisors are always happy to answer any questions you have about the Glides class and your child’s progress.

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