Frequent Swimmer Program

04 June 2019

Get started today and take advantage of our Frequent Swimmer Program. For the months of July, August and September, we are offering 50% off any second lesson per week!

Why we recommend swimming twice per week

It is well known that swimming helps your child to build endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness that can benefit them in other areas of their life - but did you know that there are significantly higher benefits to swimming at least twice per week? At State Swim, we encourage attending regular swimming lessons all year round. Swimming once a week is good, but swimming at least twice per week is great - for both new and existing State Swim swimmers alike! Read on to find out why.

  • Build familiarity

Swimming twice per week helps to quickly familiarise new swimmers with the aquatic environment, which can be very different to anything they have ever encountered before. New swimmers, and particularly the young children in our Kindergarten and Glides classes, may not know how to behave around water, how to respect it, or how it can be dangerous. The quicker we can familiarise your child with the water and water skills, the better.

  • Be a better student

Swimming twice per week can also help your child be a better student. Many young swimmers may not have been in a learning environment where they are asked to listen and take turns; or, they may not have spent time with adults outside of your immediate family and friendship group. Attending swimming lessons more regularly can help your child build a stronger, more trusting relationship with their instructor - and the importance of this can not be underestimated, as it sets the tone for their progression through our program.

For existing State Swim swimmers, there are also added benefits of swimming twice per week.

  • Practice makes perfect

There are many educational benefits of intensive learning. Repetition and revision of skills is a fundamental part of our program, and (we believe) the best way to provide your child with a solid set of base skills. Think about it - if we don't practice any skill, whether it is in the water or in another area of our lives, we either lose the skill altogether, or the quality of it is diminished. By swimming twice a week, State Swim swimmers have the opportunity to practice their skills more regularly, which helps to speed up their progression through our levels.

It is also worth considering that when our students have multiple lessons per week, it is likely that they will have a different instructor for their second class. The benefit of this is that different instructors may explain or demonstrate the skills slightly differently. As we know, not all children learn the same, and having the opportunity to learn from two different instructors can be highly beneficial to your child's learning and progression.

  •  Swimming skills aren't just for the summer

Swimming twice per week during the winter months has a multitude of benefits. It is false that swimming lessons are more important for children to do in the summer months - they are important all year round! However, it is highly beneficial for children to learn to swim in the winter, so they can be more prepared for when they are around water in the summer. By swimming in the winter, we help create stronger, safer swimmers.

Our unique learn to swim program runs all year round, and the benefits of swimming in the winter with State Swim include:

  • Continuity in your child’s lessons to ensure they are steadily progressing year-round;
  • Helping swimmers become stronger and safer in the water when the warm weather arrives and preparing them for exposure to different aquatic environments;
  • Lessons are provided in a warm, indoor heated pool, with the air temperature also heated;
  • Our change room facilities have heated showers to ensure comfort before and after each lesson;
  • Convenient onsite parking is provided at all State Swim locations.

Get started today and take advantage of our Frequent Swimmer Program. For the months of July, August and September, we are offering 50% off any second lesson per week! Bookings are available online, or contact us for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

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