When’s the right time to join a baby swimming class

19 November 2020

All your patient waiting has been rewarded, and your little one is here! Time seems to be flying by as they start smiling, laughing and before long they will be on the move. And, living in Australia, this means curious crawlers are likely to come across water as we are lucky enough to be surrounded by pools and beaches. 


What’s the best age for your baby to learn about water safety?

Studies show a fear of water is developed as a child grows, and the best time to introduce formal lessons is around four months. However, at State Swim we recommend starting at six months to ensure your baby's immune system is strong and they've had time to develop their neck strength.

Three ways water familiarisation lessons help…

Water familiarisation lessons, also called baby swimming lessons, are the best way for your little one to get comfortable in water. Here's how they can help:

1.Build water confidence

Having a swimming instructor guide you through the best techniques to help your baby build a positive relationship with water is one of the best investments any parent can make in their child’s early development.

2.Learn safety skills

Your baby will learn essential water safety skills including submerging, floating and free falling. They will also get comfortable with jumping into the pool, monkeying along the wall and leg kicking to prepare them for learning the technical elements of swimming strokes. 

3.Have fun

Getting in the pool and guiding your bub through games and songs is a great way to bond. Plus, if you are a new parent the classes are a great nursery rhyme refresher. 

Learn about baby swimming lessons

We have two baby swimming classes available Waterbabies 1 for babies aged 6 months to 18 months and Waterbabies 2 for ages 19 months to 30 months. 

To book your baby swimming lessons in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide find out more info here.

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