Boost Your Children's Swimming Skills with School Holiday Swimming Programs

18 February 2022

School holidays are the perfect time for your children to learn to swim. Aside from being a brilliant way to keep them entertained in those long weeks between school, learning to swim at a young age also has a host of benefits to your child's mental and physical health.

Designed to accelerate learning

Whether your child is starting their learn to swim journey or looking to fast-track their skills, look no further. The intensive style of school holiday programs - they usually run over four or five day blocks - means swimmers use their precious vacation time to the best effect while having fun at the same time.

4 benefits of school holiday swimming programs

Swimming is an important life skill for your child to learn, and it's easy to get started with the right approach. Here's how school holidays programs can help:

  • Daily lessons – swim schools schedule their school holiday programs in four or five day blocks. Most swimmers usually attend one class a week, so the daily classes enable swimmers to condense an entire month of learning into a short space of time.
  • Skill acceleration – "practice, practice, practice" is advice we hear from swimming teachers. And school holiday swimming programs do precisely this! Back-to-back lessons help swimmers retain skills better, which means a teacher can dedicate more time to learning new techniques.
  • Water confidence – whether your child's goal for a school holiday program is to achieve a specific skill or prepare to graduate to the next swimming level, progression in water confidence is guaranteed. The routine of swimming every day throughout the program helps children get more comfortable faster because they can anticipate what will happen next – this is particularly beneficial for nervous swimmers.
  • Trial a swim school – Unsure which swim school to enrol your child in for their regular, weekly swimming lessons? A school holiday program is an excellent way for you and your child to test out a swim school to experience their teaching style and facilities before signing up for weekly classes.

Set your swimmer up for success

If your family is returning to the pool after taking a break from swimming classes, ask your swim school if they offer assessments. Assessments enable teachers to do skill checks to ensure swimmers are placed into the correct program.

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