Swimming classes for kids: How often should my child attend?

27 June 2022

Swimming classes are an investment in your child's future, and it's only natural to seek reassurance that you're doing it "right".  

As a parent, you're probably asking yourself, "Did I select the best swim school? Is my child progressing? Are we spending enough time in the water outside of lessons?" 

If you're asking yourself these questions, you've more than likely asked how often your child should attend swimming lessons. 

Different swim schools have different outlooks: after all, swimmers learn, develop and retain skills at different rates. Here are 3 tips for how often your child should attend swimming classes. 

3 tips to get the most out of your swim classes 

1. Commit to your classes 

This may sound obvious, but consistency is the key to your child learning how to swim. It's why your child's swimming teacher asks them to practice and repeat skills - repetition helps swimmers to retain and progress. 

As a baseline, commit to attending at least one class per week when your swimmer is starting out. Then review and increase as advised by your teacher - increasing attendance may be required when your swimmer is working on developing their endurance skills. 

Top tip: Ask your swim school if they offer any special programs for new swimmers. Sometimes this can include discounts or savings on the first month of classes.

2. Select the right lesson time 

Swimming lessons are only successful when a swimmer regularly attends. If your swimmer repeatedly misses classes, it can impact their water confidence, lead to skill regression and mean they'll have to repeat lessons.  

So be smart about selecting the best swimming time for your child. Choose a day and time that you're confident you'll be able to make every week. 

Top tip: If your family's preferred swimming time is currently unavailable, ask your swim school if they offer a waitlist that enables you to be notified when a place becomes available.

3. Swim year-round 

There are many misconceptions about the best season to attend swimming lessons, and we're here to debunk these. While it's tempting to put swimming lessons on pause, especially for a family vacation, research shows that parents who don't commit to year-round classes risk their kids' skills plateauing or, even worse, regressing.

Top tip: Want to confirm the water temperature at your swim school?  Check their website - most  teaching pools heat the water to 32 degrees.

Remember, if you have any questions about the frequency of your child’s swim classes, speak to your swim school. Most schools have supervisors available on the pool deck to answer questions related to your child’s progress.  

Need help selecting the right swimming program for your family? Use our handy class finder tool to find your nearest class today

All State Swim swimming teachers hold recognised swimming and water teacher accreditations, Working with Children Checks and CPR qualifications.

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