How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Children learn at different rates. We believe that a child is a strong, safe swimmer when they can swim 400 metersof Freestyle in a correct, rhythmical style, which is often achieved before leaving primary school. Our program is designed to take children from complete beginners to this stage.

Do your swimming programs run by the term?

Our swimming programs run all year round.To achieve results we recommend a weekly swimming lesson. Our grading system allows staff to monitor your child's progress and promote to the next level when they are ready.

Our swimming programs run all year round because for a child to achieve results they should be regularly enrolled in swimming lessons. Most children take swimming lessons once a week and our grading system allows staff to monitor your child's progress and promote to the next level when they have achieved their current goals.

Do you award swimming certificates?

Yes we do because recognising the child's efforts is valuable and essential. We have a full series of Merit Awards and Class Graduation Certificates. We also recommend that when your child receives an award you make them feel special to help develop their confidence and progression.

What is your payment structure?

We have a variety of options and try to be as flexible as possible for you.

Monthly Payment

This option has benefits including, a permanent booking for your preferred day and time, paying only once a month and receiving a makeup voucher if you are unable to attend a lesson.

Casual Payment

If you can’t come to swimming lessons at a regular time each week or would like to try us for the first time this option may suit you. Simply contact us and see if they have a spot available at a convenient time. Please note however that when using a casual payment we cannot guarantee that a spot will always be available.

When and how often are my children assessed?

Your child will be evaluated constantly by our instructors as they progress through our ongoing program. As soon as they are ready, they will progress to the next level and awarded a certificate for their achievement.