Every child can learn to swim but their path can be different, and that’s ok! Sometimes as parents we wish to see our children make equal progress at every swimming lesson, but learning to swim is not the easiest of accomplishments for all. Learning the correct breathing technique in particular can be challenging and may take several lessons before its mastered.

It is also common for children to appear as though they are not making progress at some stage, in fact they may even regress at times for a few lessons. This is ok and not uncommon. Please be patient with your child and the instructors, this is part of the process and a natural part of the learning curve. The greatest gift you can give your child at such times is your calm confidence and assurance. All our swimmers learn to swim; some make rapid progress, some take longer!

You are an important part of their swimming education and your enthusiasm and support for their efforts are just as important as the skills they learn.