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Health & Sport (Squads)

Health & Sport Swimming Programs

State Swim’s Health & Sport swimming program also known as our Squads or Teams is for strong, skilled swimmers who have completed our 400 Gold program and have received their 400 Gold certificate.

The program is designed to support these swimmers with progressing their skills to reach their fullest potential in the water. Our Health & Sport program consists of three levels; Team Bronze, Team Silver and Team Gold.

Health & Sport swimmers also have the opportunity to take part in our monthly Super Swims and compete in our biannual InterSchool Carnivals.

Teams Swimming Class Frequently Asked Questions


Looking to help your family further advance their swimming skills? Here’s a list of most popular questions our Coaching Teams receive.

What are the entry requirements for my child to enrol in your Teams Program?

To enrol in our Teams Program, swimmers are required to have completed a learn to swim program. 

At State Swim this looks like graduating from our Learn to Swim – 400 Gold Program and being able to swim 400 metres freestyle non-stop with correct technique.

If your swimmer graduated from another school, book a free 15 minute assessment to match your swimmer with the right Teams level; Team Bronze, Teams Silver or Team Gold.

Is your Teams Program a competitive swimming program?

Improving endurance and speed are key learning goals of the program. However, unlike other competitive swimming clubs, our swimmers compete against themselves to improve their personal best times.

When your swimmer joins our Teams Program on our monthly payment option, they’ll be invited to improve their swimming teams at our complimentary monthly time trials, Super Swims.

How many Teams training sessions will my swimmer be required to attend each week?

Most Teams swimmers attend one or two training sessions a week. However, there are more options available to learn more; please contact the Coaching Team at your selected school.

All our training session times and days are viewable via your online account.

How much does it cost to enrol?

We offer a couple of different payment options; monthly and casual. To explore the perks both, visit our price guide for more information.

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