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Beat School Holiday Boredom: Upgrade Your Child’s Summer with Fun & Safe Swim Lessons in Singapore


School’s out, and the search for awesome activities is on! This summer break, trade screen time for splash time and give your child a skill they’ll use for life. Our Singapore SwimVac program is the perfect way to boost swimming abilities, build water confidence, and create lasting summer memories.

What IS SwimVac?

Think of SwimVac as a supercharged swim skills bootcamp! Instead of weekly lessons, your child gets focused daily practice during the holidays. This intensive format is ideal for:

  • Skill Refinement: Perfect for mastering strokes and techniques.
  • Post-Break Refreshers: Help kids get back into the swim of things.
  • First-Time Swimmers: A gentle, confidence-building introduction to the water.

Why Choose SwimVac for Your Child’s Holiday Swim Program?

  • Safety First: Our expert instructors teach essential water safety skills alongside swimming fundamentals.
  • Progress = Fun: Watch your child level up their skills and make new friends in a supportive pool environment.
  • Confidence Boost: We celebrate every achievement, from first-time floats to mastering freestyle arms.
  • Peace of Mind for YOU: Knowing your child is water-safe is priceless for a stress-free summer.

Is SwimVac Right for MY Child?

SwimVac welcomes swimmers aged four years and up! We offer eight different classes based on skill level; here’s an overview of our entry levels:

  • SwimVac Glides: Builds foundational skills and prepares kids to start swimming independently.
  • SwimVac Torpedoes: Focuses on freestyle readiness, helping kids master kicking technique and body position.
  • SwimVac Marlins: Time to refine those freestyle arms! Kids develop strong strokes and coordination.
  • SwimVac Dolphins: Prepares kids to master freestyle and backstroke with proper form

Is your swimmer more advanced? Chat with our Team to learn more about our advanced levels.

How Do We Find the Right Fit?

We’ll chat with you to understand your child’s experience. If your swimmer is new to State Swim and has previously had lessons at another school, we’ll book you for an Assessment to match their skills to the right level.

Beyond SwimVac: Keep the Momentum Going!

SwimVac sets the stage for continued swim success! Consolidate their new skills and keep progressing with our regular weekly swim classes. Explore options for all levels using our handy class finder tool.

Ready to Dive In?

Give your child the gift of water skills and summer fun! Secure your spot in our next SwimVac session – enroll today!

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