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Waterbabies (6 mths - 2.5 yrs)

Baby Swimming Lessons

Recommended age 6 months to 2.5 years
Max 8 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

The State Swim Waterbabies program (sometimes referred to as water familiarisation or baby swimming lessons) is all about your baby learning to be comfortable in water. It’s designed to build confidence and learn water safety. 

These classes are a great way to familiarise your baby with the water before learning to swim. They also help to develop motor skills, introduce exercise into your baby’s routine and they’re a great way for both you and baby to make new friends.

We offer two classes; Waterbabies 1 for babies aged 6 months to 18 months and Waterbabies 2 for ages 19 months to 30 months. If your child is older than 2.5 years be sure to have a look at our Kindergarten swimming lesson program.

What Happens in a Waterbabies Lesson?

These lessons are a great way to bond with your baby as you will join them in the pool. Through a series of fun water-based activities and catchy rhymes together, you will learn essential water safety skills.

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Our Waterbabies classes are a great way to have fun with your baby as you join them in the water. You’ll guide them through games and skills with the help of our experienced instructors.

What Skills Will Babies Learn?

  • Submerging
  • Free falling
  • Floating
  • “Monkeying” along the pool wall
  • Jumping into the pool
  • Leg kicking
  • Arm digging

What Waterbabies Classes are Available?

We offer two Waterbabies classes, and babies are enrolled based on their age. To select the right class please see information below:

  • Waterbabies 1 -  for babies aged 6 months to 18 months
  • Waterbabies 2 – for babies for ages 19 months to 30 months

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