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400 Gold (4 Years+)

Kids Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim – 400 Gold: Stronger, safer swimmers develop strokes

Learn to Swim – 400 Gold is an eight-stage program and the next step for children 4 years and older. Here swimmers build confidence, awareness and progress technical skill competency while working toward the 400m goal: swim 400m of freestyle, non-stop.

A skill-based program that is progression focused, swimmers are awarded Certificates at the completion of each of the eight stages, as well as Merit Skill Awards as they achieve core swimming skills. Once a student has graduated from the 400 Gold Program they can enrol in our Teams Program, which offers three advanced-level classes for continued progression.


Kids Swimming Lessons



Step 1: Swim building blocks & glide.



Step 2: Preparation for freestyle.



Step 3: Honing arm technique.



Step 4: Preparation for formal freestyle & backstroke.



Step 5: Enhanced freestyle & backstroke.


100 Bronze

Step 6: Introducing breaststroke.


200 Silver

Step 7: Freestyle & backstroke for distance, plus breaststroke kick.


400 Gold

Step 8: Enhanced all strokes, plus butterfly & turns.

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Have a question about kids swimming lessons? Explore our FAQs

We’re here to help you and your family find the right swimming program. Below are the most common questions we receive about kids swimming classes. If you have any questions that aren’t listed below, we’d love to hear from you! Contact our Teaching Team now.

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When can my child start swimming lessons?

Our kids learn to swim program is for swimmers aged four years and older. It’s an eight-stage, skill-based course where swimmers build water confidence and technical skills while working towards the goal to swim 400m freestyle non-stop.

How will my swimmer's progress be assessed?

While other swimming schools run age-based classes with only one opportunity a term to progress, we assess swimmers continuously. This means on-deck supervisors monitor swimmers at every class, so swimmers progress when they’re ready – whether that’s after two weeks or two months. As swimmers advance, they receive Merit Awards and Completion Certificates to celebrate their progress.

What happens if my swimmer attended lessons at another swim school?

We offer free assessments to help place your swimmer in the right class.

During the 10 minute appointment a State Swim teacher will ask your swimmer to practice a range of skills and strokes to gauge their ability. Following the assessment, the on-deck supervisor will match your swimmer with a class.

Ready to book? View available assessment times.

What dates and times do you run kids swimming classes?

Learning to swim requires weekly lessons, and that’s why our classes run seven days a week, year-round. Use our handy class finder tool to find the most convenient lesson time for your swimmer and your family.

Do you offer Make-Up Vouchers?


We understand life is sometimes hard to plan – especially with children- that’s why with our monthly payment option we offer unlimited Make-Up Vouchers. If you cannot make your class, use your online account to cancel your lesson, and you’ll automatically receive a Make-Up Voucher to rebook.

Want to know more about our swimmer perks? Visit our lesson price guide.


Have a question about our Programs?

Our team is always available to answer your questions. Get in touch now!

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