2 kids learning to swim

400 Gold (4 Years +)

Swimming Lessons for Kids

State Swim’s 400 Gold program is also called our Learn to Swim program. This is an 8-stage swimming lesson program, designed for children from the age of 4 years. Catering for beginners in our Glides class right through to the more experienced swimmer in our 400 Gold class, the program will guide your child step-by-step through the skills needed to learn to swim and become a competent swimmer (or to progress into our Squad program).

As a skilled based program, kids learn to swim after completing each of the 8 stages. Merit awards and certificates are awarded on the completion of skills, and once certain skills are achieved, swimmers will progress to the next stage.

Once a student has graduated from the 400 Gold program, they may enrol in our Squad program, which offers three advanced-level classes for further progression.

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