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Kindergarten 2

Class Level: Beginner

Duration: 30 Min

Class Size: 4 Children per class

Designed to teach your swimmer water familiarisation, water safety and essential skills


What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Underarm stroke
  • Kicking
  • Front & Back floating
  • Jumping into the pool without floats

Inside a class

Swimming with no arm floats

Jumping in and returning to edge

Swimming 10 metre distance with no floats, head in water - take breath and head back


  • Monthly + casual pricing. Cancel at any time
  • Flexibility – we swim all year ‘round, five-days a week.
  • Unlimited Make -Up Vouchers for missed lessons
  • Family discounts
Swimming Program

1 session/week

Kindy 2
Monthly Payment*

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$160.00 (incl GST)
Price Per Lesson*

Starting from

$36.92 (incl GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Toddler swimming lessons

The State Swim Kindergarten program provides a fun environment to teach children aged 2.5 years to 4 years deep water safety skills. The swimming classes provide toddlers with the skills to become strong, safe and confident swimmers in the water in a comfortable and encouraging environment. If your child is younger than 2.5 years, be sure to have a look at our Waterbabies program.

We have two levels in our program; Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2. As a skilled based program, swimmers will complete both levels. Merit awards and certificates are presented on the completion of skills, and once skills are achieved, swimmers will progress to the next class.

What to expect at our Kindergarten 2 Swimming Lessons?

In Kindergarten 2 swimmers will continue to learn our specially-developed under-arm stroke that they’ve learnt in Kindergarten 1, which prepares them for the full Freestyle stroke they’ll learn in the 400 Gold program. These lessons focus on swimmers having their face in the water more frequently, beginning to swim greater distances without floats and developing water safety skills to increase the chance of survival in the unlikely case of an accident.

What Merit Awards will toddlers receive?
  • Push off the wall and swim 2m to the instructor without floats
  • Swim 10m without floats
What happens when a toddler graduates Kindergarten 2?

Following swimmers turning 4 years old they will graduate to the Glides class, the first class of our 400 Gold program. If your child has received all of their Kindergarten 2 Merits they will be fast-tracked to Torpedoes, the second class of the eight-stage 400 Gold program.

What are the age requirements of your kindergarten classes?
  • Child classes (a caregiver is not required to accompany your swimmer in the pool)
  • Recommended age is 2.5 years to 4 years
  • If your swimmer is four years or older, explore our Learn to Swim – 400 Gold Program.

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