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Team Gold

Team Gold Squad Classes

Duration 90 minutes
The final level in the Health & Sport program

Team Gold introduces the swimmer to advanced training techniques, sprint swimming skills and advanced skill development in all strokes, starts and turns.

What Happens in a Team Gold Lesson?

Team Gold swimmers will swim between 3km and 3.5km during each session to focus on advanced refinement of all skills. 

What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Advanced skill development in all strokes, starts and turns

What Merit Awards Will Swimmers Receive?

Each of the below skills will be required to be acheived in a set time:

  • 100 metre x 10 freestyle
  • 400 metre freestyle
  • 200 metre individual medley
  • Completion of all racing starts and turns

What Happens When a Swimmer Graduates Team Gold?

Once swimmers have achieved Team Gold merits, they have completed the Health & Sport program and can move to our Adult Fitness program.

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