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TEAMS - Our Squad Program

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Class Level: 2 of 3

Duration: 90 Min

Swimmers are introduced to intermediate training techniques, swimming for health and fitness or as a competitive sport.


What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Increased focus on stroke development and correction
  • Master backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly turns

Inside a class


Backstroke starts and finishes

Freestyle on time set


  • Monthly + casual pricing. Cancel at any time
  • Flexibility – we swim all year ‘round, five-days a week.
  • Unlimited Make -Up Vouchers for missed lessons
  • Family discounts
Teams (Squads) - 1 session/week


$110.90 (incl GST)
Teams (Squads) - 2 session/week


$129.30 (incl GST)
Teams (Squads) - Unlimited sessions/week


$147.75 (incl GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens in a Team Silver Squad lesson?

Team Silver introduces the swimmer to intermediate training techniques, swimming for health and fitness and swimming as a competitive sport.

Team Silver swimmers will swim between 2.5km and 3km during each session to focus on stroke refinement. Swimmers have the opportunity to practice these skills in a race environment at our monthly Super Swims (time trials).

What Merit Awards will swimmers receive?

Each of the below skills will be required to be achieved in a set time:

  • 100 metre x 10 freestyle
  • 400 metre freestyle
  • 200 metre individual medley
  • Completion of all racing starts and turns
What happens when a swimmer graduates Team Silver?

Once swimmers have achieved Team Silver merits, they will graduate to the final level in the squad program; Team Gold.

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