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Dolphins Swimming Classes for Kids

Dolphins is the fourth stage in the 400 Gold program
Max 4 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

In our Dolphins class, your child is now one step closer to putting the entire freestyle stroke together. Learning the correct breathing for freestyle is crucial, particularly as swimmers are required to swim longer distances in the levels to come.

What Happens in a Dolphins Lesson?

Dolphins swimming lessons work toward formal stroking in both freestyle and backstroke. The swimmer will be assisted in developing these skills through the use of a pod board. This helps develop technique by providing a small amount of buoyancy to make learning the stroke process easier.

What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Review Marlin skills
  • Freestyle breathing technique
  • Progress backstroke with a board
  • Back and front floating
  • Introduced to assisted dives and high elbow recovery in freestyle

What Merit Awards Will Swimmers Receive?

  • Single arm freestyle

What Happens When a Swimmer Graduates Dolphins?

Once swimmers demonstrate these skills at the required standard, they will be promoted to the Sharks level of our 400 Gold program.

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