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400 Gold

400 Gold Swimming Classes for Kids

400 Gold is the final stage in the 400 Gold program
Max 8 pupils per class / Duration 45 minutes

400 Gold is the final class in the 400 Gold program. Swimmers have been striving to graduate from this program since they were first enrolled in our Glides or Kindergarten 2 class.

What Happens in a 400 Gold Lesson?

During your child's swimming lessons in our 400 Gold level, we will continue to work on refining their technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. They will also be introduced to butterfly and turns, as well as improving their dive starts to be ready for the State Swim Health & Sport program (our version of a squad training program) and competition.

In addition to swimming all the strokes, the 400 Gold class takes a holistic approach to teaching your child the swimming "rules of the road"; how to swim in larger groups, and how and why swimming can improve general health and fitness.

To graduate from this class and the State Swim 400 Gold program, swimmers are required to demonstrate competent technique in all strokes and skills, as well as performing a 400 metre freestyle swim non-stop.

What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Use of full lane
  • Advanced freestyle development
  • Freestyle turns
  • Develop butterfly skills
  • Interschool competitions

What Merit Awards Will Swimmers Receive?

  • Butterfly timing

What Happens When a Swimmer Graduates 400 Gold?

Following the completion of the 400 Gold class, swimmers are celebrated for finishing the 8 stage program. As a successful graduate, swimmers are invited to join the Health & Sport program, State Swim’s training squad.

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