Latest COVID-19 Restrictions

Published Wednesday 19th January 2022 

Our swim school is open with our regular timetable running and the following COVID safety measures in place:
- Face masks are required (except when swimming)
- Check-in on arrival
One caregiver to accompany a swimmer/ swimmers (this is due to our centre having a capacity limit of 50 persons) 

Please note as the situation evolves guidelines may vary, please ask our school for more information. 

What to do if you're unable to attend your swimming class? 
To assist your teacher with preparing and planning for your class, please let us know before the start time if you are unable to attend your lesson. Your online account is the fastest way to cancel your booking. If you're unable to cancel using your account, please call your school.  

Our safety processes are more effective when we all play our part. Please remember to wear your mask when in our centre, and if you or a swimmer feels unwell, cancel your class using your online account and follow the health guidelines. 

For more information, please contact our team.

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200 Silver

200 Silver Swimming Classes for Kids

200 Silver is the 7th stage in the 400 Gold program
Max 6 pupils per class / Duration 45 minutes

In our 200 Silver swimming class, the ultimate State Swim achievement of swimming 400 metres of non-stop freestyle and graduating from the complete 400 Gold program is only one level away!

To help swimmers increase stamina 200 Silver lessons are extended to 45 minutes.

What Happens in a 200 Silver Lesson?

In our 200 Silver class we focus on freestyle and backstroke technique and your child's ability to swim them over a distance. Additionally, swimmers will be introduced to the breaststroke kick, before eventually mastering the complete stroke.

What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Bilateral breathing in freestyle
  • Advanced breaststroke development
  • Develop space sharing skills
  • Complete 200m freestyle swim
  • Introduction to competitive dives 
  • Introduction to using the pace clock 

What Merit Awards Will Swimmers Receive?

  • Breaststroke kick

What Happens When a Swimmer Graduates 200 Silver?

To progress from 200 Silver in to 400 Gold, the final class in our 400 Gold program, swimmers will be required to demonstrate competencies in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, as well as be able to swim 200m of freestyle non-stop.

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